Construction Cleaning

Are you looking for experienced cleaning specialists that can facilitate the removal of debris at constructions sites? If the answer is yes, look no further than Squeaky Klean Services Inc. Since our inception, we have been providing stellar post construction cleaning solutions that deliver reliable and consistent cleaning results.

Understanding Post Construction Cleaning

Large amounts of grime, dirt, and dust can cover most of your building’s surfaces following a construction project. It is recommended that you facilitate a thorough cleaning procedure so that your building looks great. Squeaky Klean is a leader in post construction cleaning. We can work with you to handle the final clean-up phase at any construction site. You can rest assured that safety is our top priority.

What Does Squeaky Klean Services Inc. Offers for Post Construction Cleaning?

At Squeaky Klean Services Inc., our post construction cleaning expertise includes the following:

  • Damp Mopping: We thoroughly clean hard-surface floors.
  • Carpet Cleaning: We are experts at spot treating and vacuuming carpets.
  • Restroom Fixtures Cleaning: Damp cleaning gives your fixtures a sparkling look.
  • Dusting: We can effectively clean air diffusers.
  • Lights Cleaning: Not a speck of dust will be left on your lights.

Squeaky Klean is also the ideal partner to provide ongoing cleaning services, as we will possess intimate knowledge of your building.

Experience the Squeaky Klean Difference for Post Construction Cleaning!

Whether you need to clean up a newly constructed warehouse or recently renovated office, we have got your back. Squeaky Klean is always prepared to meet all your post construction cleaning needs. Email us at or give us a call at (845) 615–9015 to get a custom quote!