Specialty Cleaning

How can you enhance your company’s image and provide a healthy and well-kept environment? Through commercial specialty cleaning of course! You can count on Squeaky Klean Services Inc. to tailor a specialty cleaning program just for you. From regular carpet cleanings to annual maintenance procedures, we do it all. Our company is dedicated to exceeding your cleaning expectations.

Understanding Specialty Cleaning

Medical facilities and businesses in the healthcare industry often require specialty cleaning services. In many cases, biohazardous materials will need to be safely disposed of and surfaces need to be thoroughly sanitized. As these jobs may be too tough for anyone else to handle themselves, specialty cleaners are needed to facilitate safe and effective cleaning procedures. What’s more, some facilities such as computer rooms and data centers house electronics. Due to the delicate nature of such equipment, a professional cleaning team should be hired to handle the job. Regardless of sensitivity, complexity, and size, Squeaky Klean’s experienced team can take care of all your cleaning needs.

What Does Squeaky Klean Services Inc. Offers for Specialty Cleaning?

At Squeaky Klean Services Inc., our specialty cleaning expertise includes the following:

  • Emergency Room Cleaning: Our cleaning solutions are designed to minimize the risk of healthcare-associated infections.
  • Chemical Laboratory Cleaning: We perform residue-free cleaning of chemical lab utensils.
  • Radiology Facility Cleaning: We can clean and disinfect the environmental surfaces of radiology facilities.
  • Veterinary Hospital Cleaning: We have experience in disinfecting and cleaning X-ray equipment in veterinary hospitals and more!
  • Hi Tech Facility Cleaning: We make sure that there are no residues of chemicals and culture media in your pharma laboratory.

Experience the Squeaky Klean Difference for Specialty Cleaning!

Enjoy Squeaky Klean’s mind-blowing rates when it comes to specialty cleaning. Give us a call at (845) 615–9015 or email us at info@squeakykleanservices.com to get a personalized quote!